Issue 2018


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Luciobarbus sclateri in Arroyo Letur (Spain), by José Manuel Zamora (Dpto. de Zoología, UM)

ISSN 2386-8228

DOI 10.29094/FiSHMED

Issue 2018

Distribution and demography of the critically endangered Lisbon arched-mouth nase, Iberochondrostoma olisiponense

Ana Veríssimo, Hugo F. Gante, Carlos D. Santos , Gisela Cheoo, João M. Oliveira, Rui Cereja, Filipe Ribeiro
FiSHMED 2018.002: 13p
PDF (3150 K)

Taxonomic re-evaluation of the non-native cichlid in Portuguese drainages

João Carecho, Flávia Baduy, Pedro M. Guerreiro, João L. Saraiva, Filipe Ribeiro, Ana Veríssimo
FiSHMED 2018.001: 12p
PDF (590 K)

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