Physical-ecological consequences of some indicators of climate change on fisheries in marine and continent capture

Llanes Cárdenas O., Norzagaray Campos M., Muñoz Sevilla P., Herrera Moreno M.N., Peinado Guevara H.J., Pellegrini Cervantes M.J., Estrella Gastelum R.D
FiSHMED 2016.021:4p
PDF (405 K)

Life cycle and structure of a population of Batrachoides surinamensis in a mangrove swamp, Maranhão, Brazil

Pinheiro MSS, Goitein R
FiSHMED 2016.020:3p
PDF (329 K)

Technical support for the creation of a marine reserve as a fisheries management tool in Cape Roche (Cadiz)

Sarmiento J, Sáez Jiménez J, Sobrado-Llompart R, Cabrera R
FiSHMED 2016.019:4p
PDF (728 K)

Analysis of swordfish surface longline fishery in Andalusia, Spain

Arana D, Sanz-Fernández V, Muñoz-Lechuga R, Cabrera R
FiSHMED 2016.018:3p
PDF (330 K)

Trophic segregation between two demersal opportunistic predators coexisting in the Mediterranean Sea

López N, Navarro J, Barría C, Albo-Puigserver M, Coll M, Palomera I
FiSHMED 2016.017:3p
PDF (462 K)