Diet of non-native pikeperch Sander lucioperca (Linnaeus, 1758) in Portugal: a first perspective on Tejo basin dietary patterns

Diogo R. Ribeiro, João Gago, Christos Gkenas, Marco Ferreira, Sónia Gabriel, Filipe Ribeiro
FiSHMED 2018.010:5p
PDF (716 K)

Effect of copper sulphate in the behavior of Mozambique tilapia under different temperatures

Mónica Q. Pinto, Ondina Ribeiro, Carlos Pires, Sandra M. Monteiro, António Fontaínhas-Fernandes, Jorge Ferreira-Cardoso and João S. Carrola
FiSHMED 2018.009:3p
PDF (430 K)

The light/dark cycle is necessary to maintain temporal homeostasis in the hypothalamus-pituitary-interrenal axis of goldfish

Nuria Saiz, Miguel Gómez-Boronat, Nuria de Pedro, María J. Delgado, Esther Isorna
FiSHMED 2018.008:4p
PDF (793 K)

Application of ARIMA models on the Pacific Halibut CPUE Historical Series (1998-2016): Detection of legislative changes?

V. Sanz-Fernández, R. Cabrera-Castro, R. Muñoz-Lechuga, J.C Gutiérrez-Estrada and I.A. Czerwinski
FiSHMED 2018.007:4p
PDF (656 K)

Measures against invasive fish, rotenone as an effective tool for ecological restoration

Helge Bardal
FiSHMED 2018.006:2p
PDF (440 K)