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Aphanius Iberus in the Ebro River delta, by Mariano Cebolla

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DOI 10.29094/FiSHMED

Review of fish community, stressors and conservation in the Rondegat River (South Africa)

Casey J. Broom, Olaf L.F. Weyl, Josie South

FiSHMED 2023.001: 21p

Abstract : Anthropogenic change is a major threat to dwindling freshwater biodiversity. We present and synthesise available information regarding the fish commu- nity, ecology, threats and conservation options within The Cape Fold Ecore- gion (CFE) of South Africa. The CFE is a particularly vulnerable region, with many range-restricted species and highly fragmented native fish ranges. The Rondegat River in the Olifants-Doring River System of the Western Cape prov- ince is of notable conservation value, as it hosts populations of important en- demic CFE species despite being at risk from non-native invasive species, cli- mate change, and agriculture intensification. This river is unique, being the site of the first alien fish eradication programme of its kind in South Africa. The recovering Rondegat River imperilled cyprinid assemblage is used to frame the manner in which future environmental change may continue to dis- turb the ecology of the system. Conservation options and priorities are dis- cussed in the context of a southern hemisphere Mediterranean-climate fresh- water system.

Keywords : Cape Fold Ecoregion, cyprinids, redfin minnows, restoration, stressors, threatened species

Citation : Broom CJ, Weyl OLF, South J (2023) Fish community, stressors and conservation in the Rondegat River (Olifants-Doring system, Western Cape, South Africa). Fishes in Mediterranean Environments 2023.001: 21p. https://doi.org/10.29094/FiSHMED.2023.001

Article first published online : 22 March 2023

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