Issue 2023 cover
Aphanius Iberus in the Ebro River delta, by Mariano Cebolla

ISSN 2386-8228

DOI 10.29094/FiSHMED

Issue 2023

The Pouched Lamprey (Geotria australis Gray, 1851) in Mediterranean streams of the Southern Hemisphere

FiSHPOR series
David L. Morgan and Stephen J. Beatty
FiSHMED 2023.004: 5p
PDF (873 KB)

External parasites: how anchor worms affect Iberian endemic fish

FiSHPIC series
Carla Sousa-Santos and Victor Gallego
FiSHMED 2023.003: 2p
PDF (332 K)

The presence of Acipenser sturgeons in the Iberian Peninsula: a review of the existing literature

Rafael Miranda and Javier Oscoz
FiSHMED 2023.002: 14p
PDF (517 KB)

Review of fish community, stressors and conservation in the Rondegat River (South Africa)

Casey J. Broom, Olaf L.F. Weyl, Josie South
FiSHMED 2023.001: 21p
PDF (688 KB)

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