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Issue SIBIC2016

Extended Abstracts of the VI Iberian Congress of Ichthyology SIBIC2016

21–24 June 2016, Murcia, Spain

Physical-ecological consequences of some indicators of climate change on fisheries in marine and continent capture

Llanes Cárdenas O., Norzagaray Campos M., Muñoz Sevilla P., Herrera Moreno M.N., Peinado Guevara H.J., Pellegrini Cervantes M.J., Estrella Gastelum R.D
FiSHMED 2016.021:4p
PDF (405 K)

Life cycle and structure of a population of Batrachoides surinamensis in a mangrove swamp, Maranhão, Brazil

Maria do Socorro Saraiva Pinheiro and Roberto Goitein
FiSHMED 2016.020:3p
PDF (329 K)

Technical support for the creation of a marine reserve as a fisheries management tool in Cape Roche (Cadiz)

Jesica Sarmiento, Jorge Sáez-Jiménez, Francisco Sobrado-Llompart and Remedios Cabrera
FiSHMED 2016.019:4p
PDF (728 K)

Analysis of swordfish surface longline fishery in Andalusia, Spain

Arana D, Sanz-Fernández V, Muñoz-Lechuga R, Cabrera R
FiSHMED 2016.018:3p
PDF (330 K)

Trophic segregation between two demersal opportunistic predators coexisting in the Mediterranean Sea

Nieves López, Joan Navarro, Claudio Barría, Marta Albo-Puigserver, Marta Coll and Isabel Palomera
FiSHMED 2016.017:3p
PDF (462 K)

Elasmobranch fishing in Spain: preliminary analysis based on long-term data

David Nos-Francisco and Remedios Cabrera
FiSHMED 2016.016:4p
PDF (636 K)

Population genomics of the small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula) along the Western European Coast

Alice Manuzzi, Lorenzo Zane and Ana Veríssimo
FiSHMED 2016.015:4p
PDF (343 K)

Ecophysiology of the small-spotted catshark in free-living conditions

Elisenda Valls, Joan Navarro, Claudio Barría, Marta Coll, Jaume Fernández-Borras, Guiomar Rotllant
FiSHMED 2016.014:3p
PDF (348 K)

Melanocortin system and puberty in zebrafish: a study model applied for aquaculture

Sandra Navarro, José Miguel Cerdá-Reverter and Ana Rocha
FiSHMED 2016.013:3p
PDF (691 K)

Critical thermal maximum and minimum in Australoheros facetus, a neotropical invader in the Iberian Peninsula

Flávia Baduy, Jéssica Soares, Mariana Silva, Adelino VM Caná- rio, João Saraiva and Pedro M Guerreiro
FiSHMED 2016.012:3p
PDF (432 K)

Uninvited dinner guests: the effect of invasive fish and temperature on the foraging efficiency of southern Iberian chub

Alexa Kodde, Christos Gkenas, Gisela Cheoo, Filipe Ribeiro and Maria Filomena Magalhães
FiSHMED 2016.011:3p
PDF (296 K)

Effects of flow regulation along longitudinal gradient on size-related metrics of fish populations from a Mediterranean basin

Fátima Amat-Trigo, Mar Torralva, Ana Sánchez-Pérez, Ana Ruiz- Navarro and Francisco J. Oliva-Paterna
FiSHMED 2016.010:4p
PDF (338 K)

Gonado-somatic index of migrating Iberian barbel (Luciobarbus bocagei) and northern straight-mouth nase (Pseudochondrostoma duriense) in the Tormes River (Salamanca, Spain)

Néstor González-Alemán, Francisco Javier Sanz-Ronda, Francisco Javier Bravo-Córdoba and Jorge Ruiz-Legazpi
FiSHMED 2016.009:3p
PDF (903 K)

Seasonal use of fish passes in a modified Mediterranean river: first insights of the LIFE+ Segura-Riverlink

Ana Sánchez-Pérez, Francisco J. Oliva-Paterna, José M. Zamora- Marín, Fátima Amat-Trigo, Antonio Zamora-López, Juan M. Franco, Francisco J. Bravo-Córdoba, Ana Ruiz-Navarro, Francisco J. Sanz-Ronda and Mar Torralva
FiSHMED 2016.008:3p
PDF (291 K)

LIFE+ Segura-Riverlink: a green infrastructure approach to restore the longitudinal connectivity

Francisco J. Oliva-Paterna, Eduardo Lafuente, Rosa Olivo del Amo, Francisco J. Sanz-Ronda, Jorge Sánchez-Balibrea, Rafael Díaz-García and Mar Torralva
FiSHMED 2016.007:3p
PDF (386 K)

Preliminary data on feeding behaviour of young-of-the-year twaite shad, Alosa fallax (Lacepede, 1803), during their downstream migration in two rivers of the NW of the Iberian Peninsula

David J. Nachón, Rufino Vieira-Lanero, María J. Servia, Sandra Barca, Sergio Silva, Lorena Lago, Mª Teresa Couto, Pablo Gómez, Carlos Morquecho, Mª Carmen Cobo, Javier Sánchez-Hernández and Fernando Cobo
FiSHMED 2016.006:4p
PDF (386 K)

Larval habitat of sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus Linnaeus, 1758

Sergio Silva, Sandra Barca, Rufino Vieira, Mª José Servia, David José Nachón, Carlos Morquecho, Lorena Lago, Pablo Gómez, Maite Couto, Mª Carmen Cobo and Fernando Cobo
FiSHMED 2016.005:3p
PDF (287 K)

Sexual variation in biochemical indicators in adults of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus Linnaeus, 1758)

Sandra Barca, Sergio Silva, Rufino Vieira-Lanero, Mª José Servia, David José Nachón, Lorena Lago, Mª Teresa Couto, Mª Carmen Cobo, Pablo Gómez, Carlos Morquecho and Fernando Cobo
FiSHMED 2016.004:4p
PDF (372 K)

The influence of parasites in the population status of the European eel, Anguilla anguilla L.

Aurélia Saraiva and André Pereira
FiSHMED 2016.003:4p
PDF (360 K)

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